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Voltra Guidelines

 2021-07-28 22:28:52
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Table of Contents
- Posting Rules
- Chatting Rules
- Community Rules
- User Rules

Posting Rules

1. NSFW/18+ content is NOT allowed whatsoever. Any content that is NSFW will be immediately removed and the user who posted it will be banned.

2. Spamming in no way will be tolerated.
↳ Posting more than 5 posts in less than the span of an hour is considered spam.
↳ Multiple posts made by the same user that has the same exact content is considered spam.

3. Advertising is allowed, but with exceptions. You are allowed to advertise other platforms, as long as you have permission from your community's admins. If your community does not allow advertising, then you are not allowed to advertise in that community.
↳ If you are found, you will be banned from that one community.

Community Rules

1. Respect every rule in each individual community. We give the right for admins of each individual community to punish their users at their own discretion.

[WIP] More to come ;)
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